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Please support this 72-year tradition of trusted historical writing and the volunteers that sustain it with a donation to American Heritage. Thus, the U.S.A. deliberately betrayed its former ally Chiang Kai-Shek and gave mainland China to communism. After we published Peter Braunsteins article on Jane Fonda in our July/August issue, perhaps 60 people sent me this story. Tom Cotton Gets Revenge On Liberal Media: Acting like lawyers for Chinese communists, Joy Behar Shocks World, Defends Marjorie Taylor Greene On The View, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway To Divorce After 22 Years of Marriage: Report, He started crying like a baby that lost his pacifier: Florida Sheriff On Tough Guy Rapper Arrested For Murder, White House Doctor Drops Friday Bombshell: Joe Biden Has Cancerous Tissue Removed, Ted Cruz Calls For Anthony Fauci To Be Prosecuted And Jailed For Lying To Congress, Robert F. Kennedy Jr Puts Biden On Notice, Says Hes Thinking About Running Against Joe In Dem Primary. Perhaps most dramatically, in March 1973, the Maryland state legislature held a hearing to have Fonda and her films barred from the state. 1972: 'Hanoi' Jane--Text from, "Vietnam: Echoes of War, Cultural Timeline" Jane Fonda -- actress, political activist and partner of anti-war Megyn Kelly ended her 12-year run with Fox News in early 2017 in exchange for a weekday show at NBC. Mr. Nolan wrote something that helped me better understand the fury of this sort of reaction. Read more >>, The magazine was forced to suspend print publication in 2013, but a group of volunteers saved the archives and relaunched it in digital form in 2017. Fonda has refused to tell her side of the story to historians investigating her role, purportedly because she was saving her story for her own memoirs, which are expected to be published soon. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Lets break down her remarks. Sheturned down a four-year, $100 million offer to stay with Fox News saying that one of the reasonsfor her departure was to spend more time with her kids. She went to tour the countrys I find that intolerable.. NORTH: The real story about Vietnam. Ms. Fonda only met with those POW's who had sold out their fellow POW's, who willingly (without torture) made propaganda statements for their captors, and who enjoyed privileges of medical care, food, and even night-time excursions into Hanoi to watch movies in return. Mao Tse-Tung, of "Little Red Book" fame, and darling of the New York-Hollywood "elite", then proceeded to murder 65 million of his countrymen in what David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski call "a glorious revolution." 1990) Pages 121-123. As Jane Fonda promotes her new film, "Monster-in-Law", its up to all of us to let our children know about the specific activities she undertook during the Vietnam War. But newly discovered tapes tell a very, very different story. During her two-week stay, Fonda concluded that America . "VIET NAM: A repeat scenario was played 10 years later under another banker-picked Democratic administration. Sadly, the Founders also mixed a great deal of Greco-Roman Humanism with this heritage, allowing room for much of what you decry. Among the products sold expressing veterans' disdain for Fonda are a variety of bumper stickers, envelope stickers, sew-on patches, but evidently D&G no longer carries my favorite Fonda item, a urinal pad depicting Jane Fonda's photograph. The Nixon Justice Department poured over the transcripts of my broadcasts trying to find a way to put me on trial for treason but they could find none. Richard Morgan, That begs the question, responsible for what? "STRATAGEMS of DEFEAT AND NO-WIN WARS It hurts me, she said, and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers., The Dragon Lady: How Madame Nhu helped escalate the Vietnam War. Jane Fonda was more than just an actress born to a wealthy and prominent Hollywood family. William Burkhead, a Democrat from Anne Arundel, said, I wouldnt want to kill her, but I wouldnt mind if you cut her tongue off, according to a Post story. She went to tour the countrys dike system, which was rumored to have been intentionally bombed by American forces something the U.S. government to this day forcefully denies. She went to Hanoi that year to tour villages, cities and infrastructure. A series of photos of her sitting at an NVA anti-aircraft battery earned her the nickname Hanoi Jane and the undying spite of Vietnam veterans everywhere. There were also rumors she turned over secret messages from POWs to their captors. He hadnt liked the story but at least was willing to discuss it. Politicians make mistakes that affect the body politic and statesmen sometimes direct a foreign policy that disregards individuals in the national interest. I want you to go home and say, "I'm sorry I got caught doing the wrong thing.". WebJane Fonda & TheVietnam War. President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, in a special address to the American public, reported an attack upon a U.S. naval vessel in the Tonkin Gulf by a North Vietnamese torpedo boat. One presumably claimed to have been struck by her, while another claimed to have had his confidence betrayed to his Communist captors. In July of 1972, she made two trips to Hanoi which earned her the nickname Hanoi Jane. No, after the Left's "victory" in the United State's withdrawal from Southeast Asia, the matter of consequences was conveniently dropped from the discussion. And by the way, did our government lie to us during Vietnam? JANE FONDA: Well, I didnt like it. It never happened. Support with a donation>>. Subsequently communist China was awarded a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, its most powerful chair. Hanoi Jane told 60 Minutes that photos snapped while she sat on an enemy aircraft gun was a betrayal and the largest lapse of judgment I can imagine. Though she did say, meeting the locals, other artists, and intellectuals were well worth it. COLMES: She didn't say the words she wanted her to say. "KOREA: Shortly thereafter Truman, with Congress averting its eyes, committed U.S. troops to Korea. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. It was my mistake and I have paid and continue to pay a heavy price for it.. From Urban Legends: : Yes, that one story was true. She was dubbed "Hanoi Jane" after traveling to the Communist capital. Finally the brainwashed, confused, exhausted American public forced our government to surrender. Screw you. The day anti-Vietnam War protesters tried to levitate the Pentagon. or redistributed. She visited Russia in the early Sixties, and was personally impressed by the deference she received. Her visit actually took place in 1972. You know, we can we can scare her, and boy did they try? Fonda shakes the last hand, then turns to the officer and gives him the fistful of messages. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. I dug in my heels. Kelly attacked Fondas Vietnam War history to defend questions about plastic surgery. Jane Fonda remains unforgiven. Jane didnt make her infamous and idiotic trip to Hanoi until 1972. We're trained. There is no doubt these treasonous no-win US wars were meant to disillusion the American nation into accepting loss of sovereignty and one world government." Johnson solemnly announced that "Communist aggression must be stopped as a threat to American security!" But because of the nature of Vietnam, McNamara said to me, if wed known what we know now it would have we should not have gone out. Yeah, said my stepdaughter, Jill, when I told her about this. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. And I didnt even think and they sang me a song and Im made me laugh. Quite the contrary. Id been getting pretty sour about the incensed patriots who would curse me and my family and confidently speak on behalf of all veterans living and dead, and the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress, to declare I was a disgrace to America for running that storythen conclude by smugly assuring me they would never read it. By July 1972, when Fonda accepted an invitation to visit North Vietnam, America had been at war overseas and with itself for years. Maybe. But he never met Jane Fonda, and he has no idea how the maddening tale attached itself to him. There is certainly no doubt that the country was basically split down the middle on the idea of our military presence in SE Asia, and as Americans we were all free to protest the war to our hearts' content. officers, toward the Chinese border amid cries of protest from Wall Street which feared war with "our trading partner" Red China. Credit: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images "It was a very tumultuous and polarized time," she said in the HBO documentary. They called it FTA, which they said stood for Free the Army, but it was also a not-so-subtle nod to the expression f the Army.. Why? Liberals in America's streets "protested" our victories and exulted in our defeats - thus, in patriots' eyes, giving the war a raison d'etre. According to the email she visited Hanoi in 1968. Many Americans traveled to Vietnam on peace delegations to end the war, yet it was Jane Fonda who was captured as a timeless image when she was photographed looking through a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun. Article 3, section three of the Constitution defines treason as "levying war against the United States or adhering to their enemies or giving them aid and comfort.". And you were photographed sitting on an anti aircraft gun. WebFind many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jane Fonda: Prime Time - Walk Out (DVD, 2010) at the best online prices at eBay! Meanwhile the mass media suddenly reversed its pro-war policy: denying our beleaguered troops moral support from home. To license content, please contact licenses [at] "Because of this," the narrative continues, "I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees with outstretched arms with a piece of steel placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane every time my arms dipped." Jane Fonda was always an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War. Now, I leave it NORTH: Well, yes, as a matter of fact I think she is. No article of ours gets hundreds of letters, but this one did, very few of them friendly. North Vietnam, 1972,: Jane Fonda is in the midst of her visit when an N.V.A. Thats what made me laugh. [5];;; cited on November 24, 2004. However, the fact that she advocated Communism does not give anyone license to make up stories or slander. And it was a terrible mistake because of the image that it showed, which was not at all what the reality was. And that we probably couldnt win it not because they werent a fabulous soldiers. Im not you know, they all went to jail. The people who are speaking out against the war are the patriots. She said the radio addresses were the only way to get access to American soldiers, because she was barred from meeting them at their bases in South Vietnam. Urban Legends story then identifies the POW and gives some quotes about his treatment by the NVA. Jane Fonda tested the limits of patriotic dissent. Jane Fonda was more than just an actress born to a wealthy and prominent Hollywood family. I think that this is rather odd. COLMES: She did say that she was sorry. But he never met Jane Fonda, and he has no idea how the maddening tale attached itself to him. She did not merely criticize the authoritarian government of South Vietnam, or the dubious motives of powerful corporations that make up the American military-industrial complex. They hadnt been able to vote on the virtues of the conflict, and they found themselves in mortal peril in the midst of an ugly, painful ordeal that a lot of vocal people back home thought was a criminal enterprise. How unfair! Good question here Richard: "My question is, when will people like Fonda and Kerry (unlike Joan Baez) take responsibility for what they have wrought -- the totalitarian system that gave us re-education camps and the boat people?" NORTH: Well, all I did was present the facts. Content and Programming Copyright 2005 Fox News Network, L.L.C. In 1972, the Academy Award-winning actress and activist traveled to North Vietnam and was photographed laughing and clapping along with Vietnamese soldiers. Fonda told the audience that their protests saddened her. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. So I feel that well If I did was good, except that I shouldnt have set gone out to a military place. Fox News has enhanced the careers of numerous women who have served as hosts. You have "War Stories" coming up. Why has no one been hanged for high treason? Forget? Fonda hasapologized for the liars and hypocrites statement, which she said she made out of anger that the Nixon Administration was lying about the extent of the POW torture for propaganda purposes. CHRIS WALLACE: Your most famous protest was 50 years ago when you went to North Vietnam at the height of the war there. SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Jane Fonda says she is sorry for some of her actions during the Vietnam War. I was not the kind of mother that I wished I had been to my children. She now hosts "New Day" on CNN. I will never know. Each of them suggested that they had done at least one interview with Fonda, and individually they were looking into the historical accuracy behind the claims made about Fonda and why she became such a lighting rod for controversy. Her name was Jane Fonda. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. Thus, Europe, Russia, China, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, the Middle East were turned into killing grounds, and their existing governments destroyed. what does a crown tattoo mean human trafficking, normal peacetime cruising is what readiness condition,

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